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Proper care is essential to ensure that your jewelry will last for a lifetime. Please be extremely cautious when wearing your jewelry. Each piece is handmade and very delicate.

Avoid contact with chemicals such as sulfur, perfume, lotion, detergent, and chlorine. Direct contact with both fresh and salt water can also deteriorate the jewelry. Moisture and excessive light can weaken the quality of the gems, pearls and the plating metal. Excessive sun will also cause the gemstones to fade.

Our jewelry is made with natural materials such as 14k gold plated sterling silver, sterling silver, and 14k gold filling. Special orders in 14k and 18k gold can be requested.

Cleaning the jewelry with a polish cloth will help keep its shine; however, frequent polishing will erode the plating. Ultrasonic cleansers, polishing cloths and cleaning agents are not suitable for pearls and some gemstones.

Because our jewelry is made with organic material, most gemstones and pearls will vary in size, shape, and color, making each piece unique. The inclusions in the gemstone will also be visible and enhance the beauty of each product.